Скачать sunwa yx-1000a руководство: программу компас 3d v15 2016 года выпуска через торрент

YX1000A. Pocket size and weight. Easy to read 3 colour scale. Recessed safety input teminals. Accessories: Test lead, battery AA (1.5V)x1 , instruction manual. The Sunwa YX-360TRE-B is an analog multimeter, you can use it to measure AC/ DC voltage, Test leads (attached) AA battery X 2 (installed) User Manual. Sunwa yx-1000a схема bugvym. Ищу схему на SUNWA YX-360TRes, руководство. YX-360TRes, YX360 TRes, YX 360 TRES, стрелочный. Analog Multitester. Manual Download. Digital Multimeters; Analog Multitesters; Clamp Meters; Insulation Testers; Earth Testers; Optical/Laser Power Meters; Tachometers.

Nov 6, 2012 This is the Rolson YX1000A Analogue Multimeter, it comes with an operators manual and two leads. To set the unit up, first turn the dial to the. PDF, 26-09-2010, The Operator's Manual for the Sanwa YX-360TR Analog Analog Multimeter YX-360TR, YX1000A.rar, 01-04-2014, Инструкция за. Picture of all-sun YX1000A. Model: YX1000A. ANALOG MULTIMETER Features. 2007 catalog B Page 42 ·Pocket size and Test Lead; Battery; Users Manual. 15 авг 2013 Прибор измерительный стрелочный, китайского производства, типа SUNWA (SAMWA) модели YX1000A, предназначен для измерения. There is the Sunma YX-1000A, Sunwa YX-1000A, Rolson YX-1000A, Hilka, and MF-110A. It is a small pocket sized multimeter measuring approximately