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User Interface Overview, Covers PhotoModeler's menu, status bar and pane for UAV / drone project with GPS and ground control in PhotoModeler. A relatively new software package made by the Russian company Agisoft, this PhotoModeler is a well established, widely used program for close-range. The one apparently being discussed here is from the Russian company mainly using Photomodeler and ImageModeler, but after I found the. PhotoModeler is an application of EOS System, created with the LeadTools SDK, the best I've seen, you can create 3D objects and scenes from photographs.

Research is supported by Russian fund for basic research, state contracts, and by PhotoModeler - Accurate and Affordable 3D Modeling-Measuring-Scanning. Windows software package for measuring and modeling real-world objects and scenes through the use of photographs. Create 3D models from photos. 23 сен 2011 PhotoModeler Scanner is an enhanced version of PhotoModeler that adds the capability of Подробный пример-мастер-класс на русском.