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Pronouns – A How To Guide. Pronoun cards 2016-01. Pronoun cards 2016-02. Gender Neutral / Gender Inclusive Pronouns. A gender neutral or gender. Dec 13, 2016 Oxford University students must refer to each other with the gender-neutral pronoun “ze” instead of “he” or “she,” according to a new handout. Aug 29, 2015 Gender-neutral pronouns for transgender and queer-identifying people - such as "xe" and "ze" - are being encouraged at a second university.

Oct 14, 2015 John McWhorter says it's difficult to make the transition, but there's a good argument to replace pronouns like "he" and "she" with "ze" or "they. Sep 18, 2015 Harvard isn't the first college to embrace gender-neutral pronouns, but it's among a wave of major institutions that are widening their policies.