Скачать maxsea timezero карты mm3d, топ лучших иностранных клипов 2016

Through MapMedia, a subsidiary specialized in digital cartography and Raster data treatment, TIMEZERO offers more than 6,000 nautical charts from around the. MapMedia, MaxSea's subsidiary specialized in digital cartography and (for MaxSea v12 and previous software) and mm3d (for TIMEZERO software) formats. TIMEZERO is the best marine navigation app for coastal sailing, featuring easy-to -use functionalities and the fastest and smoothest chart display No, TIMEZERO is only compatible with the mm3d chart format. However, you can purchase mm3d C-MAP by Jeppesen charts that will contain the same vector.

All MaxSea TimeZero products features in a glimpse. Includes one MapMedia mm3d Chart Pack: Navigation Charts (Raster or Vector), 3D and Satellite. Discover MaxSea TimeZero software, the most innovative navigation tool for sailors and professional mariners. Navigator, Explorer 17 апр 2015 MaxSea TimeZero является в режиме реального времени морские карты, благодаря уникальной Raster MapMedia в mm3d format.